Where can dogs be off lead in Kalbarri?

Jan 2023Stories, Visitors

Written by Rick Davey.

Dogs can only be exercised unrestrained in two places:

1. In areas set aside for this purpose, i.e., Dog Exercise Areas, and;
2. On private property with the permission of the landowner.

When dogs are exercised in designated Dog Exercise Areas they still need to be under the control of the person liable for the control of the dog. If you cannot control your dog or are unsure if it will respond to your voice it should be kept on a lead until the dog is properly trained.
(See accompanying map for Dog Exercise Areas.)

Roaming Dogs
Dogs sometimes escape from their yards for a number of reasons. The fencing could be inadequate or is being altered allowing the dog to escape. Friends and family may be visiting and may forget to close gates. Whatever the reason you must take every precaution to ensure your dog doesn’t escape its enclosure. Roaming dogs may be involved in fights with other dogs, be bitten by snakes or be hit by vehicles, often resulting in the dog being badly injured or killed. This is traumatic, not just for the dog and the dog’s owner and family, but also for the driver of a vehicle involved. And vet bills can be expensive. If an accident is caused by a dog the dog’s owner could be liable for damages of up to $500 000 under the Law of Tort. If your dog does escape from you or your residence call the Ranger immediately so a quick return may be possible. If your dog is registered and microchipped it will make its return much easier and quicker and you could also avoid costly pound release fees and other fines.

Pick up after your dog!
Thank you to all the dog owners who always pick up after their dogs. It’s a commonly known fact that this is a legal requirement and, as unpleasant a task that it is, MOST people are doing the right thing. WELL DONE. Be considerate of other people and pick up after your dog or you may be fined $200 on-the-spot If you find a shire bag dispenser empty or if you take the last bag please call the Shire Office on 99371097 to arrange for the dispenser to be refilled.

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