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Sep 2023Community, Stories

Written by Raina Robinson.

You may have wondered where we have been in the past few months with our contribution to the monthly newsletter? I sometimes wonder myself how the hell we achieve our goals, there is always so much happening which of course adds to the passion and excitement. So, for an overview catch up.



We attended a search for a missing prospector in Cue (500klm). The prospector become disorientated in and around a huge salt lake. The question is always where do we start? Luckily, we had taken our ATV (All-terrain vehicle) which we sent out as a long-range reconnaissance vehicle. It so happens that the crew found some likely tracks of the missing person which after 4 days tracking, led to finding the missing person. This was a very close call as his time frame for survival was basically spent. Well done to our ATV crew. When travelling remote there are common sense rules;

  • Tell someone where you are going and timing of return
  • Take a GPS
  • Carry matches (light a fire)
  • Carry some type of communication (satellite phone, EPIRB)

Qualifying Course

Four members successfully attended a Land Search Team Leader’s course in Geraldton. This is a high-level course which is vital for safe and effective searching of lost people or forensics.

Lat week we ran a WAERN basic and advanced course (this is all about radios, a must for efficient and safe operations.) Fourteen members attended and passed. Well done!

A planned and well-prepared training program not only facilitates competency strengthening but also contributes to motivating volunteers by helping them to achieve and maintain satisfaction in their roles.

Unit training

  • Map reading and navigation
  • Advanced Communications
  • GPS (Global poisoning system) operations.

Training for SES Volunteers has special importance, both as an operational role requirement to motivate volunteers and maintain skills.


Community Support

SES was very involved in safety, communications, and operation of the Adventurethon weekend.
The Adventurethon weekend and its endeavours, promotes our outstanding town and with a little more support could become an event of the year.


River clean-up

SES has for quite a few years undertaken to keep the river area clean from the old blue bin to Gregory rock. In the main we have achieved our goals but toilet paper is an on-going issue.


Shed Extension

Both the SES and Fire group have a need for more shed space hence we embarked on a joint shed extension project, which has been approved by all parties with thanks to a Lotteries West Grant. All components have now landed in Kalbarri so a few working parties should see the project take shape.
The Emergency Services we have in town are exemplary and are a direct reflection of its members.


What are the benefits of volunteering?

  • Increased knowledge and skills including National Accreditation training
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Meet new people in your community and across WA
  • Helping people in WA during emergencies
  • Challenge yourself
  • Opportunity to apply your skills in a new environment.

Why not become involved, learn new skills, help someone out who is in need and meet new people who care about what we do?

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