KDA Annual Report 22-23

Jul 2023Community, Locals, Stories

Written by Merilynn Eastland.

Kalbarri Development Association held their AGM recently at which the following positions were filled:

  • Chairperson – Merilynn Eastland
  • Deputy Chair – Raina Robinson
  • Treasurer – Ellen Nightingale
  • Secretary – Mark Wells to continue until someone is found for this position.
  • Events Coordinator – Lauren Sweetman
  • Market Coordinator – Bev Kemp
  • Communications Coordinator – Ellen Nightingale
  • Committee Members – Jamie-Lee Loffler and Felicity Graham

This report is a summary of what we have done over the past 12 months and what we are working on currently. If you wish to contribute to the progress of our community, please consider joining us at our meetings which are held at the Allen Centre at 6pm on the last Wednesday of every second month, the next being the 30th August. Membership fees are $5 per individual or if your community group would like to become members it is $20 for the group.

This year has been an interesting one for all, building and clean up from Seroja ongoing and accommodation still a concern for many. KDA has continues with projects that we had begun and have been in close contact with the Shire as to what is happening with the repairs to their assets and the beaches. The Shire work is ongoing, and my understanding is that repairs to Chinaman’s is getting closer and everything is as you would expect when insurance and government money is involved. The new Shire CEO will be attending our August meeting so that we can meet him.

Markets are ongoing, thanks to Bev and Bill Kemp, the income from these helps out with projects and pays the public liability insurance. The profit from the past 12 months will be going toward the drink fountain for the Shopping Centre park area. The Osprey nest continues to give Hamish a headache as he is attempting to get it erected near the beach. Thanks for your continuing work on this Hamish.

We began the year with the Australia Day as usual, thanks Loni for all your hard work. This event will continue, and Loni continues to look for assistance so if you would like to assist her just give her a call (when she gets back from holidays). Raina worked very hard over the past 12 months and as a result we now have some wildlife signs along the road to warn motorists.

Containers for change continues to bring in some revenue but it could improve. Please encourage your friends and neighbours to donate their eligible containers to KDA as the funds go toward projects. Currently funds are going to the water fountain/bottle refill station/dog bowl we are trying to put into the Shopping Centre Park area. The Shopping Centre Park is now complete with some new trees and table and chairs in place, one with space for a wheelchair. Unfortunately, we were unable to place the trees where we would have liked, but once they grow, they will provide shade and some colour as they are Coral Gums. The Shire will be putting a rubbish bin in this area. Two of these have been placed along the river, one at the BBQ at Chinamans and one near the old BBQ at Sally’s Tree.

We were lucky enough to be able to bring the Army Band to town for a concert on the foreshore just prior to Anzac Day. This was well attended and enjoyed by all. The band was very impressed and expressed their willingness to come again if we wanted – we just have to book them. Thanks to all those who helped including Angie and Natalie who did the catering for the two days and to Kalbarri Camp for their subsidised accommodation.

Lauren and her committee did an excellent job with a Gala Ball this year (pictured) and from all accounts it was very well received by the community. Thanks to them for the hard work both in organising the event and in gaining funding, this did not cost us anything and I believe there is some profit to be put toward one next year.

The June Long Weekend saw Adventurethon in town and along with Fred Porter they organised Kalbarri Lights Up. They are currently looking at funding toward making this an annual event.

Again, volunteers for a committee to assist with this organising would be appreciated. This year Ellen undertook a course in Geraldton which included a Project component. She conducted a Community Consultation for the KDA and this will be used to assist both the KDA and the Shire with future projects and funding. Thank you very much to Ellen and her helpers for the hard work that was put into doing this and to those community members and groups that took part. This document will be available to anyone who requests to use it for funding purposes or who would like to know what the feelings of our community. Ellen has been rewarded for her hard work by presenting to a group in Geraldton and is off to Canberra to meet parliamentarians and the Governor General.

One of our current projects that we are discussing with the Shire, is to provide permanent shade for the playground at the Marina and to fence this area so that is safer for the toddlers and younger children. We have requested that the shade shelters be replaced on the river foreshore and have asked for two extra. KDA are working with the Shire as to the placement of these once the budgeting has been completed and they are approved.

There has been some discussion with interested parties about commencing a community garden. This has been brought to KDA and we are happy to take this group under our banner and to assist them with grants and maybe some seed funding.

If you wish to contact the KDA, you can do so on our email kalbarridevelopmentassoc@nullgmail.com

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