Move More in 2023

Feb 2023Health, Stories

Written by Cancer Council.

Live Lighter has launched its new ‘Move More’ physical activity campaign, which encourages people to be more active and feel great! Regularly finding joy in moving our bodies can help us sleep better, have more energy, boost our mood, and feel stronger to do everyday tasks easily.

It can also give us a chance to catch up with loved ones, connect to nature, and keep our furry friends healthy and happy.

Check out the NEW ‘Move More’ initiative, download free workout plans and check if you are active enough at

More squats

Did you know that getting regular exercise into our day can lift our mood and increase our overall energy levels?

More walks

Walking the doggo is a win for everyone. Not only are we moving more, but also strengthening the bond between besties.

More connection

Exercising with friends and family is a great way to stay connected while getting some physical activity into the weekly routine.

More movement

There are many ways that we can move our bodies. The key is to find something that fits in with our schedule that we enjoy, and do that! To help rediscover the joy of movement, Live Lighter has developed a bunch of physical activity resources to suit all fitness levels.

More strength

Strength training is great for bone and muscle health as well as balance and coordination – and there’s loads of ways to do it! We can strengthen our muscles using weights, or using our own body weight, like in yoga, pilates, or exercises like calf raises, squats, push-ups, and sit-ups

Check out the Live Lighter beginner, intermediate and advanced level workouts, designed to help you get stronger in the comfort of your own home – no special gym equipment required!

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