Adventurethon Returns

Apr 2023Events, Sport, Stories

Written by Joel Savage.

For the latest on Adventurethon visit our June Long Weekend page.

Joel and Tamara have been putting on the Kalbarri Adventurethon since 2013 and until recently were based in Townsville North Queensland. They have now returned to their original home here in Western Australia.

About 19 years ago they moved Queensland for Tamaras University studies, and, as we all know happens, got on with the life of running a business and raising kids. Their business, Adventurethon, is all about getting people out hiking, trail running, mountain bike riding, kayaking and abseiling. This has allowed them to put on multiple events around the country, so in 2013 when they introduced the national tour there was no way Kalbarri was going to be left off the list.

Both Tamara and Joel Grew up in Albany. They were both Army cadets and took a trip to Kalbarri as cadets which would shape their love for the region more than they could understand as teenagers. “I remember Abseiling from the amazing gorges and how spectacular it was, as our van was driving back into town we hit a Roo and so we had to walk most of the way back out of the National Park at night till another van came back from town for us. It’s funny but the song that was on makes me think of Kalbarri and that roo every time I hear it,” says Joel

“We would come home West to see our parents each summer, so we would hold one event at the start of the holidays down south when it’s actually good weather, and another in the middle of summer in Kalbarri. The Kalbarri race has always been a challenge, every kilometre harder due to the element of heat. In they early days the course was even harder than it is now, it was all done in one day and just surviving was as an achievement,” laughs Joel.

Over the years Kalbarri locals like the Canoe and Cray Carnival and the SES have been influential in persuading Joel and Tamara into making the event occur during the June long weekend, to help boost the number of tourists visiting town for the weekend. This year there is a rumour that there will be some kind of family friendly entertainment on the June long weekend to coincide with Adventurethon, I guess we will see what happens.

The Format of Adventurethon has been updated over the last few years to allow a wider cross section of the community to have a go. These days there are 2 smaller events per day, for 2 days with a healthy rest period in the middle to re-energise, and recover grab some lunch and chat etc. This allows people to take on a single Gorge Run, MTB Ride, Paddle or Cliff Top Trail Run.

We’re also asking all locals to invite your family and out-of-town friends to come up and visit for the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of June, and offer them to stay to yours to ease pressure on our local accommodation – some of which is still under reconstruction. Most important, ask them to pick an event that they might want to have a go at. “There are events suitable for the super fit but also a complete beginner can walk the trail run events and just have fun,” says Joel.

Col from Kalbarri Abseil will be doing abseils for the Gorge Run where there will be a 4.5 metre abseil for the kids and beginners or a 25 metre abseil for those who want more of an adrenaline hit.

Events like this are great for the local economy and having the chance to pack out a few shops, café’s restaurants etc is good for all the businesses in the area. Add to that the health benefits highlighted in the current Move More Campaign for 2023, it’s a win-win for everyone.

“We are so excited to finally be back again for 2023 and working with some of our good friends from Kalbarri. As we are currently based in Geraldton we are able to chat to more people and work together to build a bigger and better event year after year,” says Joel.

This years Adventureton will take place in Kalbarri over the Long Weekend 3rd to 5th of June 2023. For more information and to register for this fun, inclusive and challenging event, visit the Adventurethon website.

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