Sound Healing

May 2023Community, Health, Stories

Written by Raina Robinson.

A group of like minded locals came together just on sunset at the edge of the Murchison River for a Sonic vibration and Reiki experience.

Beforehand every individual had to be Smudged with smoke from burning sage to cleanse our aura and dissipate negative energy.

Connecting to the elements sky, earth, air and water participants comfortably lie on a mat bathed in soothing therapeutic sounds by a variety of sound healing instruments including the Tibetan singing bowls, the crystal bowls, the gong, the native American drum, the monochord, energy chimes balancing and healing our body mind and spirit.

Hands on healing through Reiki was performed on each of us to encourage emotional and physical healing.

After the 90 minute sound healing Reiki session, most people had a feeling of peace, harmony and well-being. They felt present, centered and in-tune.

The evening ended with delicous home made pumpkin soup, much discussion and wanting more sessions.

It was one of the best experiences as we all need to love and engage a self care routine for ourselves.

Thank you Kate Najar for being such a beautiful soul and reaching out to the Kalbarri community.

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