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Dec 2022Community, Stories

Written by Rick Davey.

I’ve been shamed into restarting my nagging articles as I don’t have any cyclone/COVID excuses left.


Summer’s here

Summer has arrived with vengeance and with it comes thoughts of the beach, surf, and long leisurely walks with the dog. But before you grab for your dog’s lead consider how hot it will be for your pet. Dogs are stuck in a woolly jumper, and they only cool themselves by panting and by perspiring through their paws. Consider how hot it will get on the walk and how hot the ground will be. (Most dogs don’t wear shoes). Test the ground with your hand or bare foot to feel what your pet is feeling.

Never leave a dog in a car no matter how far the windows are down. This has caused deaths in dogs in a very short period of time. And consider the temperature of the tray of your ute so don’t leave your pet there. Leave them at home rather than risk your best mate becoming overheated and possibly dying. And when you do leave them home make sure they have plenty of COOL water and can find a cool shady place to rest.



With Summer comes the movement of reptiles around the town. With the bobtails, monitors and various other lizards come the variety of snakes that inhabit the surrounding bush. Many of the local snake varieties are highly venomous so need to be treated with respect.

If you come across a snake in an area that’s not likely to hurt anyone just move slowly and carefully away from it. Most species of snakes are more afraid of you than you are of them. If you do come across a snake in an area where it might come into contact with people or pets try and keep watch on the snake from a safe distance and call a snake wrangler. There are names at the front of this newsletter.

Snakes are attracted to urbane areas for food and water so the less inviting you make your yards the less likely you are to attract snakes. Try and reduce mice around your house by reducing their food. Ie around bird cages or chook pens. Pots plants with trays hold water that may encourage snakes in for a drink. Perhaps water these more often with less water and keep pet bowls in an exposed area as snakes don’t like being out in the open where they are exposed to attacks from birds.


Bush Fire

Just as Kalbarri was hit by Cyclone Seroja a year or so ago let’s not be complacent about the chance of a bush fire threatening the town. Go to the DFES web site and have the 5 Minute Talk with your family. Clean up flammable material around your yard and have a plan.

The Fire Danger Rating System has changed and you can find out all about this and lots more information on this web page.

Have a great Christmas, enjoy summer and I’ll catch you in the New Year, metaphorically speaking!

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