Australasian Order of Old Bastards

Nov 2022Community, History, Stories

Written by Heather Smith.

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How it all began

During World War II some American servicemen stationed in Australia were intrigued to discover that the local greeting “G’day you old Bastard!” was a term of endearment, not an invitation to start a fight. They took the expression home with them and started the International Order Of Old Bastards, several Branches of which are still active across the USA.

In 1968 Leo Bradshaw and a small band of mates got together in the British Lion Hotel in Glebe to start the AOOB’s. They were raising funds for the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children – Camperdown. The name caused a few problems. It was (and still is) hard to convince some people to take seriously a charitable organisation that so clearly doesn’t take itself too seriously.

But Arch-Bastard Leo and his mates stuck to their guns. By July 1973 the good work they’d already done won over the NSW Chief Secretary and the AOOB was officially recognised and registered as a charity. Over time many of these branches have closed and we are grateful that new members are keen to set up a new branch in their local area. Branches have directed their attentions to raising funds for community assistance and charities close to home and close to the hearts of their members.

Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children – Camperdown is now known as the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, but is still vitally important to the AOOB’s. Also very important Kalbarri community groups and individuals who we donate to. We have donated around $50,000 to assist with the rebuild after Cyclone Seroja.

But the good news is you can join for only$20, get a new membership card and keyring badge, and know that the money is going to charity and the Kalbarri Community! We haven’t lost touch with our past, and we haven’t lost sight of our future. Join us and be a part of it!

To join the Kalbarri Australasian Order of Old Bastards, contact Secretary Heather on 9937 2269.

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