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Oct 2022Community, Stories

Written by Steve Cable.

We have been extremely busy and unfortunately our news letter went AWOL so here on in we should be up to date and on time.

So what has been happening?

Call outs

Search at Leeming for a lost 43 year old fisherman. This was a 3-day deployment for a fisherman who failed to return to shore. We searched relevant coast line and employed with great effect our all terrain vehicle (ATV) definitely a fantastic asset in searching. The search stretched from the town of Leeman down to Guildertown and out to approximately 50 nautical miles offshore. Unfortunately no trace was found.

Search at Sandstone

We deployed to sandstone (1126 odd kilometres) searching for an 80 year old station hand who become disorientated whilst looking in very remote country for the stations eastern border. This country was very thickly scrubbed and tough to traverse. We utilised the ATV but the shrub was far too thick. So hence it was good old foot slogging some 20 kms in a day through thick scrub. Great result as the elderly gentleman was found.

Storm damage

Called to a house who just installed a fully size sliding door to repair house after cyclone Seroja. During recent rain storms and wind squalls the whole door blew in hence we secured the area by standing up the sliding door and securing.

Stretcher carry

A lady slipped on the wet rocks at Mushroom rock injuring herself badly. We were requested to attend in order to carry the lady to the ambulance over difficult terrain.

Volunteer support

  • Perth Phantoms Water Polo club chartered a plane flying into Kalbarri to experience our many world class attractions.
  • The SES volunteered cooking a delicious barbecue lunch on the foreshore for seventy fit water polo players.
  • After lunch the players set up the goals out the front of the Sea Search and Rescue building to play a very social game of water polo.


Outside of our fortnightly training(Monday nights at 1900hrs) we have run two major courses for the region.

  1. Single Rope Rescue (3days)
  2. Rope Rescue Systems (4days) Both tough but rewarding courses.

Rubbish run

As part of our ethos of Emergency Response we also have adopted up river as a keeping it litter free exercise. It has taken a while but there is very little rubbish now to pick up, very pleasing. Great job all.

Regional exercise

Kalbarri ran a 3 day regional scenario which entailed SES members from through out the state. This scenario necessitated many real life emergencies with search, rope rescues, radio communication, 4 wheel driving, winch practice, compass work and much more. The training provided us with real life skills which are useful during emergencies. The knowledge gained stays with you throughout your life. Truly a fantastic well organised skills weekend with approximately 65 SES in attendance. Great teamwork.


  • Lottery West has granted us a $15000 in order to extend our current rear shed. Much appreciated support to house our safety equipment.
  • Thanks to Peter Foster MLC who presented the cheque to our team members.
  • A big thank you Sue Findlay for your help in the grant process.

What does this all mean?

  • It means you have a group of men an women world class trained. A professional team of dedicated volunteers.
  • Our team is here to help make Kalbarri community resilient, stronger and as safe as possible.
  • We all need help on occasions.
  • Why not do your part and join us to help be the best we can be.
  • There’s a role for everyone’s ability young or old.

SES wish to thank our local businesses for their products and ongoing support.

  • Kalbarri Bakery
  • T-Bone & Sons
  • Gorges Cafe
  • Finlay’s Micro Brewery
  • Special thanks to Sue Findlay sourcing much needed funds through Lotteries West.

Enquiries to Steve Cable 0417994277 or email kalbarrises@nullgmail.com

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