Why you should Google your Business

Nov 2022Business, Stories

Written by Fred Porter.

When I start working with a new client, the question is usually “Search or Social”? For service based businesses, tradies etc, the answer to that question is usually Search. You are not necessarily glamorous but you are essential, and when people need you, they need you now. That’s when they ask Google.

For other businesses, people often don’t know they want you until they see it. A good example in Kalbarri would be local tours, cafes & restaurants. This is where Social Media has great power, it’s aspirational, you show what you have and when people see it, they may decide it’s what they want.

Regardless if you think you are Search or Social (and I’ll go into more detail on the Social side soon) – everyone needs to be seen in Google.

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Fred Porter is the new Chairman of Kalbarri Town Talk Inc. He is also a social entrepreneur, farmer, philanthropist, President of the Northampton Show and is a Consultant at Agent Digital Marketing – providing businesses with certified WordPress, Shopify, Facebook and Google solutions.

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